What Are We Asking For?

562.01Question: If a person asks God to change His attitude toward him, is that also idolatry?

Answer: Yes, this is a wrong idea about the Creator that He is supposedly acting badly now, but if I ask Him, everything will be alright.

Comment: But we all ask in this way.

My Response: Here is the problem. What are we asking for? Am I asking the Creator to change or for Him to change me?

Comment: Usually the scheme is simple. There are problems and a person turns to the Creator so that He would change His attitude toward him and remove the problems.

My Response: That is, now He is bad, and when I ask He will become good. Or should I ask that I change and see that His attitude toward me is excellent? After all, if He changes me, then I will stop seeing problems. Therefore, I must ask not for them to be removed, but for me to be corrected.

How can this be? I see myself from morning till night surrounded by negative forces affecting me and I must ask to see these actions as positive. For that, I must change.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/5/22

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