Mother And Child: Before And After Birth

626Question: Today doctors are against cesarean sections. They advocate this due to the fact that while the child is in the uterus he stays there in an absolutely sterile state. During the natural passage through the birth canal he receives the first protective dose of microbes.

Meanwhile during a cesarean section he is left to himself and is unprotected from the possibility of receiving various kinds of infectious diseases. Scientists say that in the case of a cesarean section there is no connection between mother and child. Why is that?

Answer: There are a lot of materials on this topic in Kabbalah. The fact is that childbirth is a huge, serious, and very important process as a mother pushes her child into the world.

If initially all her efforts were aimed at preserving this foreign body developing within her body, at suppressing its rejection, and at perceiving it as her most important organ, now there is a completely different connection of the mother to the child.

She now has to push out of herself what she kept in herself. And the child has a desire to get out of the mother, which was like a small prison and to push the walls. Such a mutual occurrence of dislike for each other generates mutual feelings in the future.

At first, in the inner world when the child is within the mother there is complete harmony between them and they understand each other and both suppress themselves: the child so as not to harm the mother and the mother so as not to harm the child. They suppress their egoistic qualities and interact correctly.

Then, during childbirth these egoistic qualities are as though turned on and the mother and child repel each other, and therefore diverge; the child is born. Moreover, the child turns his head down, which signifies the changes taking place in him. What was the main thing now becomes secondary.

And when a child is born, he already has a different need for a mother and that need exists on another level—feeding. He no longer feeds through the umbilical cord, but through the breast, which is at a completely different level, and instead of blood with milk. The mother’s blood turns into milk and as the child receives it in him, the milk turns into blood and flesh.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Unwanted Children” 11/28/10

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