The Correct Intention

219.01Question: What is the intention?

Answer: Intention is a clear sense of the goal and an action to achieve it. You are locked on this goal. The moment the lock clicked, you are fixed on it, closed off, clamped on like a bulldog, and you go only to reach it, to enter this state.

In Kabbalah, the goal is the state. That is, now I am in one state and I must reach another one, the next state. This is my goal.

I describe to myself this future state more and more in greater detail in everything that is possible. In this way, I approach it. This is what is called intention.

That is, what are your intentions? What do you wish to achieve? That is all. Correct intentions are those that coincide with the program of nature.

Question: Is it precisely during the studies?

Answer: No matter when and where! The correct intention in life, in one action or in some consecutive actions and reflections, is when my goal, my next desired state, should be realized in accordance with the program of nature. Then this intention is correct.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Think about Good” 10/21/09

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