Incomprehensible Questions

507.04Who is the Creator that I should listen to Him?” is a question in the mind. And the second question: “Why do you need this work for the Creator?” is a question in the heart.

But neither of these can be answered. It is just important for a person. He says that this is the preparation of desires for the mind and for the heart, which is in him, and due to it he moves forward.

Question: So when an altruistic force aimed at the need to unite, to love one’s neighbor, etc. manifests in a person,  then he asks the question: “Why do I need this? What is the benefit for me?”

Answer: There is no answer to that. After all, if we speak from the correct understanding, then there is no benefit to a person whether he is in this world or in the spiritual one, since from the point of view of egoism he cannot evaluate both worlds.

We always subconsciously feel: “After all, this is the future world, the upper world, the light, the Creator, and this is our world.

What is special about it? What do I risk when I lose it? What is there in it that I still do not know? I do not want it anyway.” But that is not how the question should be asked. The right question arises in people when they are seriously engaged in working on themselves.

And if you just believe in God, as it usually happens, then these questions are really incomprehensible. People study the Torah, touch it slightly, and everything seems to be clear to them: I have to do certain actions and due to this I will receive the future world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/14/22

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