No Need To Kill Egoism

962.1Comment: Eldar writes: “Dear Michael Laitman, show us all how to kill egoism.”

My Response: To do this, you need to turn to the Creator and beg Him many times, for a long time, insistently and, most importantly, together with others, with your friends. Moreover, this request should be continuous, constant, and increasing all the time. Then you will achieve it.

Question: When a person has a question about wanting to kill his egoism, is this already an advancement?

Answer: Of course! This is already a great achievement! And this is the great help of the Creator from above, when a person begins to understand what he needs.

Question: Is it possible to kill egoism?

Answer: No, absolutely not. You can only correct it, complete it, and use it correctly. You cannot rid the world of the engine that really moves the world, rotates, turns, and awakens it all the time, and brings everything into motion.

That is, the negative force is the one that drives. The positive force cannot manifest itself as much as the negative one. It manifests itself only when it is required, that is, it is more passive.

Egoism is a feeling of lack. I do not have enough! I am suffocating! I need fulfillment more and more! This is why it is so full of energy.

Therefore, the Creator is proud of Himself: “I created egoism!” Look how this great force works, how every second it is in everything and all the time. There would be no life without egoism. It is because a positive force is just a positive force, and nothing more.

Question: But still, how can I take this negative force, which dictates to me that “I must be filled,” “I am not filled,” “I need to be filled more,” and turn it over and make it a positive one?

Answer: You need to ask a positive force to show you that in fact everything in the world is yours. Everything around me is me. I need to collect all these scattered, torn, broken parts, put them together in a way when they mutually complement each other. This is all mine, my treasure. This is me. I want to bring this all to a perfect state.

Question: What state do you call perfect?

Answer: When all the parts will be mutually connected and will complement each other and be filled with an absolute state of love.

Question: Is this what is called “everything is mine”?

Answer: Yes. It is “mine” because I have to bring them to this state.

Question: So, is this my responsibility?

Answer: Yes. This is my state, I have to bring it. These are my parts, and I have to put them all together. I have to make sure that they all are connected and filled. That is, I am a worker of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/7/22

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