How To Solve Problems In Blended Families

627.2Question: Alexey writes: “It seems like we used to live in perfect harmony, and suddenly everything was over. We live separately, we try not to run into each other in the hallway or kitchen. We already understand that all conversations boil down to war. We met in Kyiv and got married in Omsk. We have constant accusations and war in our house. I don’t know what to do.”

How can we set up this household unit?

Answer: They must live for the future, not separating from each other, but creating something together in common—a family. There is no escape from this.

Question: And when eyes are covered with resentment and hatred, how can we come to the fact that we have a future?

Answer: Even in the case when a person who is in front of you is against you, you need to help each other to become friends, to be loving.

Question: They say that they lived in perfect harmony. How can they return to it, soul to soul? What does your constant offer mean to them: “Love will cover all transgressions”?

Answer: It means that they can raise themselves to the next level of existence. Because by overcoming hostility, even hatred, they strive for mutual connection and even love. And in this love they perceive the Creator because He is common to them.

There is nothing else left in common. And therefore, through such an action they can reveal Him, that is, a special property, a special feeling, the center of the world.

Question: Are you saying that this property, the Creator, must manifest itself between them?

Answer: I think that it must manifest itself because it comes precisely for this purpose from above.

Question: And their division and hatred comes from above?

Answer: Separation and hatred come so that they try to connect with each other and find in themselves everything “against” and then everything “for.” And when they collect these fragments inside them, they will suddenly feel how they put together such an interesting puzzle that they will discover a single force, a single property, a single matter of nature.

Question: And then will this connection between them become real?

Answer: Yes. And besides, they will discover a new life in this connection, a life already spiritual.

Question: So you are saying that this separation has been deliberately imposed on them?

Answer: Of course.

Question: That is, it was induced because they were already capable of connection?

Answer: That is why it all happens in our generation. And if they could not come to a mutual connection, then there would be no such thing. This is precisely because we in our generation can do it.

I wish them to rise above their egoism, which blinds them, and to understand that in fact it is the Creator who pushes them toward love.

These are already the beginnings of the next state of humanity when people will discover the absolute inconsistency in the previous level, as different in all respects. And now at this stage, they must unite.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/10/22

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