When You Are Waiting With Horror For A Call

294.2Comment: Vladimir writes, “Dear Michael Laitman! I wanted to share my thoughts with you. My friend’s son is fighting in the current war. Recently I tried to do an exercise to imagine myself in the place of that friend. And I could not stand this exercise. Five minutes later, I found myself in a state of shock. After all, we exist in the same space with smartphones, this is a miracle of the 21st century, without which it is impossible to imagine modern life. And this item is on the table. Any call makes my heart skip a beat! My hand becomes like lead and the horror strikes with the fact that on a familiar number you might suddenly hear someone else’s voice, ‘Your son…’ And so on, second by second, day by day, I could not imagine it.”

Tell me, please, what kind of world do we live in? Before you really could somehow exist in these pauses, even terrible, terrible ones, until, God forbid, something happens; time went by, you lived. And now, the distance from the shot to the sensation has shortened so much.

My Response: I understand that.

Question: What is it? Tell me, why is this given to us today?

Answer: So that we can experience all this and determine how we really live, how we create our reality.

Comment: Our reality is like this.

My Response: So let us place all the people who command our reality in this reality.

Question: Those who are twisting all this, let them have such a feeling?

Answer: Yes, so that they sit in the room and wait for the phone call. And so that they have no opportunity to change anything! Leave them that way for a week. And then see what happens to them.

One should feel that these are his own children. It does not matter that his real kids are in London.

Question: Will the prayer of parents arise from this state?

Answer: Yes, it is natural. Even if they do not understand, the heart itself will react like this: “Please do not let anything happen to them!”

Question: And where is the Creator’s answer to all this? Let everything be over, that is enough! How long can we be imposed on?

Answer: The Creator will bring them to a state so that they actually turn to Him, and so that they do everything in this world that depends on them so that there is no war.

Question: You say “they,” do you mean practically all people?

Answer: All people, mainly parents, on whom this decision depends.

Question: So until this prayer is raised with sufficient force, it will continue, and we will be brought to prayer all the time?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/21/22

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