The Main Law Of The State

269Question: When does Israel, as a country, have the right to exist?

Answer: Only when we give the world the key to the happiness of mankind.

If we do not take the science of Kabbalah and don’t begin to disseminate it and present it to all the nations, we won’t become a light for them, we will lose the right to our existence here on this land as a nation, and we will be forced to leave here again.

We got the opportunity to come here just to set an example for the rest of humanity.

Comment: But even according to Kabbalah, there can no longer be exile.

My Response: But this is not exile. We haven’t even returned from it yet. In Kabbalah it is said that if we do not realize the dissemination of Kabbalah in the right way for all mankind, we will have to leave this place.

It has been given to us, but we have not received it yet, so our stay here is not considered a return from exile.

We have not received the Land of Israel, we have not created a Kabbalistic state here the way it was before according to the same principles. We have taken from the English and Turkish mandates the laws on which our state exists to this day. We judge people not by our ancient codex, but by English law.

Question: The State of Israel is a state that exists without a constitution, without a main law. What, then, should be its primary law?

Answer: “Love thy neighbor as thyself”! And nothing else. If we go from the highest point and then begin to arrange from the end to the beginning, then the highest point is to love your neighbor as yourself. As it is said: This is the most important, basic law of the Torah.

By the way, no one in the world argues with this, they just don’t want to implement it.

In principle, this should become the basic law of the state. And based on this, we have books that clearly describe how to implement the law “love your neighbor” at all levels: in education, culture, science, government, judicial, and legal activities—in everything.

Otherwise, we are not a nation. Otherwise, we are not a state. Because we were created exactly on this principle! After leaving Babylon, this is how we formed our society.

And the fact that Jews are now trying to imitate other nations of the world, to follow their path, does not lead to anything good.

We see that this causes anti-Semitism. We want to be like the others, and they subconsciously expect something completely different from us, wanting to see in us an example of how they can be like us.

But I hope, after all the dissemination that we have achieved in Israel, that we will be able to convey to people what we are really doing, what our national, vital, state credo is and how all this should live and work in the world.

Moreover, we see millions of students of our world society, including non-Jews, and there are many of them, and see to what extent they perceive this principle with understanding, joy, and respect. We have something to demonstrate: why and how this should happen.

We just need a little more time to make more efforts on our part. And we will reach a good state where the world realizes that it really has great perspectives and there is a key to happiness.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, The Formula of the Creator” 7/18/10

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