Hidden Descendants Of The Ancient Israelites

747.02Today, we see a huge number of people among different peoples who want to adopt the Kabbalistic methodology emerging all over the world. In this regard they are no different from the so-called native Jews, and they come to the same results.

Whether it is the root of their soul or not, no one knows because, as a result of the breakage of souls and the fall of the people of Israel, especially during the period of the First Temple, ten of the twelve tribes were lost. We do not know where they are today.

Therefore, there may be hundreds of millions of people in the world who come from the ancient Israelites since the time of the First Temple.

They live among the nations of the world and are mixed in with them. Imagine if today, after all the annihilations and catastrophes that Jewry has experienced, two tribes number fifteen million, how many would the ten tribes amount to without having undergone the annihilation nor catastrophes since the First Temple.

This is a huge number of people who in their spiritual essence belong to those souls who also must carry out corrections in the world. We just have to start, as if light a match, give a spark. After that, perhaps, interest and desire for the method of the correction of the world will flare up.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Reincarnation” 5/3/10

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