You Can’t Hide From Your Mission

448.9Question: Jews not only head to Israel, but they also disperse all over the world. Where can Jews find a quiet, warm place?

Answer: I think that they will not find such a place anywhere. Of course they can find temporary shelter here or there. But in principle the entire globe is already beginning to turn brown: South America, North America, and Asia are on the way. Together, fascism and pan-Arabism will make life unbearable for Jews everywhere.

Question: Why are we driven from everywhere? Why have we been treated like this since Roman times?

Answer: For not fulfilling our historical function. We all owe. We must show people the correct existence of a nation. And in general, there is no such thing as the Jewish people because we are gathered from the 70 nations of the world.

At one time in ancient Babylon, Abraham, the religious leader of the Babylonians, began to gather like-minded people around him and teach them to unite in order to be like one person with one heart and one thought. He led a group of people who agreed with his teachings from Babylon to the land of Israel. This was the beginning of the formation of the Jewish nation, which was basically assembled from the 70 major peoples of the world.

Question: Let’s say that the Jews in all manifestations start behaving correctly and unite. Then what? There will be no governments? Will there be just one country? What will it look like?

Answer: Indeed, it will be like one country, like one nation on the entire globe. And people will understand that it is in this form that they can exist.

Question: Do you think this is possible?

Answer: This is spiritual evolution that we are participating in.

I wish all people to know the purpose of life, the purpose of human existence. This will answer all questions, including how we should live, what we should achieve, how to raise children, and where we should arrive.

Question: If humanity studies its properties, won’t the principle of unification become a dangerous weapon in the hands of vain people?

Answer: No. If the association is carried out according to the correct laws, it brings great benefit to all because it corresponds to a single integral nature.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 1/5/22

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