Who Will Mold Happiness For Us?

65Question: One ancient parable says that God molded a man from clay and he had an unused piece left. “What else can I mold for you?” God asked. “Mold me happiness,” the man replied. God did not answer, and only put the remaining piece of clay in the man’s palm.

Where is that remaining piece of clay that a person can use to stop being an animal and experience oneself in perfection and eternity?

Answer: It is right here. It just needs to be seen.

Question: Where is this line? Where is this point?

Answer: I think that this is the central Kabbalistic book The Book of Zohar. All other Kabbalistic materials gather around it. It reveals how to reach happiness to us.

From the next level, the level of the Creator, we must attract the force that created us, led us through all metamorphoses through the all of history to our present state, and manifested itself in us and caused this question from within, so that we now attract this force to ourselves and begin to raise ourselves to its level.

But man himself must make the jump from the animal level to the level of the Creator. On all other levels—inanimate, vegetative, and animal—we rose automatically. Nature has constantly moved us and evolved. And now we must raise ourselves.

This is why Kabbalah is revealed. It is the instrument with which we must enter the new dimension. To become equal to the Creator is our goal; therefore a person is called “Adam,” that is, similar to the Creator. Only by achieving this will we fill all our voids and become truly happy.

That piece of “clay” that the Creator put on our palms is Kabbalah as a method of achieving happiness.

Question: In principle, can one say that the whole development of a person and his whole life is aimed at realizing the futility and insignificance of his desires?

Answer: But all these desires are correct. On the contrary, they lead us forward. Nothing needs to be cleaned up. Everything that is inside us and outside is specially created so that we can use it correctly and realize it in order to achieve the highest goal.

And then we will find that in each of us there is not a single bad quality, not one evil quality. The Creator kneaded “clay” in us with all sorts of little things inside so that everyone would occupy the most perfect state for themselves.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Summing Up” 4/7/10

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