What Attracts Men?

294.2Question: It has been said that the development of mankind can be traced through plastic surgery. At the heart of the profession of plastic surgery was helping those who were disfigured as a result of disasters and so on. Later they began to help older people look better. Then the youth came and began to correct their noses, ears, eyebrows, brow ridges, and lips.

But surgeons say that in recent years we have faced crazy desires. A woman wants her face to look like it was edited with an Instagram filter. More and more, a man does not want to be himself. Where does this lead?

Answer: It’s right that he doesn’t want to be himself. He is ugly both internally and externally.

Comment: But he does not want his inner ugliness to be somehow changed, he wants his outer ugliness to be changed so that he becomes more beautiful externally.

My Response: One cannot work without the other. In principle, we see a person from the inside. And no matter how beautiful he may be, if he is in himself internally terrible, then no beautiful appearance will correct his general ugliness, but will show all the more prominently that he is terrible.

With women it’s a different matter. There, men look at appearances. According to the nature of men, they do not look at the inner content of women. And outside, if everything is in place, then he is attracted by her appearance. But this, as we understand it, is only temporary, and passes very quickly.

Question: That is, the coincidence must be based on internal features?

Answer: According to internal signs, it is very difficult; it is not for a young age. You need special education, training, and time. And then people will begin to feel what is worth paying attention to, how to appreciate the other, and so on.

Question: Is it worth paying attention only to the internal, do you think?

Answer: But in the end, when do we come to this conclusion?

Comment: Yes. When we are gray and old.

My Response: If youth knew, if old age could.

Question: Yes, how much wisdom in all this! Do you think that when one person looks at another, considers that he or she is beautiful, and says: “This is a beautiful person,” does this reflect the inside of that person?

Answer: Of course. It should be like this. But if we are brought up in Hollywood, then of course it is hard for us because we are shown such images in advance and they want to make a standard of them: this is evil, this is kind, this is naive, this is smart, and so on. In fact, beauty is when I feel good with a person. That’s all.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/28/21

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