The Connection In Which The Creator Is Revealed

963.8Question: What role does the property of patriotism play in achieving faith above reason in order to unquestioningly implement all the instructions of Kabbalists?

Answer: Devotion to the group is the most important and necessary part of our spiritual development. Otherwise, we will not have a Kli, that is, a place, that we create to reveal the Creator.

The Creator is called a place. The most important thing we need is to create a desire (place), as it is said: “The commandments of man regarding the place.”

If from various desires that are intertwined together we weave our common desire, we get a fabric that will be called the common Kli or Shechina.

Question: Should I love my friends first and then achieve mutual guarantee, or should I try to be in mutual guarantee and then I will come to love of friends?

Answer: Try to be in mutual guarantee through which this love is achieved, i.e., such interconnection, contact, and communication where you can completely seemingly replace each other. That is when the quality called Shechina rises, the connection between us in which the Creator can be clothed in.

We make from ourselves such a foundation, such a Kli, on our loom (weaving machine) where we intertwine all our desires to help each other. This is the mutual guarantee in which the Creator is revealed.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Working in Mutual Responsibility” Lesson 6

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