Our Guiding Star

249.01If I make an effort to see the actions of the Creator in every place and behind all sorts of people: behind friends, family, even my boss at work, then I understand that they do not come from people and from random events in life, but only from the upper governance. After all, there is none else besides Him, the only force that operates in the universe through all kinds of clothings.

I unite all these clothings, gather them in one place, and then I begin to reveal the Creator. Those clothings do not disappear, but become more and more diverse. If I make an effort to relate all of them only to the Creator, then I begin to reveal Him more and more.

This work—to relate everything to one force—leads me to adhesion with the Creator and to understanding Him. Through it, I change myself and cover all crimes with love.

I see all the obstacles not as disturbances, but as exercises given to me by the Creator to reveal Him in any state, and they become more and more refined and complex in order to reveal the upper force. However, I try to perceive every state that arises before me as sent to me by the Creator and I try to address Him through this state.

There is only the force of the Creator. This means that the Creator organizes and arranges everything in the world for us.

Although we see a huge, very complex, and multifaceted world before us with many contradictory forces, in the end, we need to reduce it all to one principle: “The Creator is above us, the Creator is one.”

This goal should become our guiding star. Then our entire world and our entire life will give us exercises that help us reach this concept and fully reveal it.

It is written, “They have eyes, but they will not see; they have ears, but they will not hear.” We do not see that there is only one force acting in the entire reality. When we begin to see this, another reality appears before us, a spiritual one where we are included together with the friends.

Then the next, higher degree is revealed, and each of us again begins to feel themselves under the grip of an egoism that has grown even more and that the entire world is even more corrupted. Yet, we understand that the Creator presents this picture to us. In fact, nothing changes.

The Creator just twists the regulator on our will to receive, and then egoism flares up even more in each of us and throughout the world. All this is in order for us to reveal the uniqueness of the Creator in the entire reality at an even higher degree, in even more complex and contradictory states.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/1/22, “Faith Above Reason”

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