Is The Virus Man-Made?

294.1Question: Many people believe that the coronavirus is a man-made thing that was spread by man himself because we have become careless and arrogant, we have created so many laboratories and now we cannot control them. Or did the Creator send the virus to purge us a little?

Answer: It does not matter where it came from, whether people made it or the virus was sent from above. All the same, it is done by one single force, called the Creator, within which we exist.

Question: You once said that you welcome the spread of the virus on Earth. I still do not understand, what is the reason?

Answer: First, it sobers us a little, makes us be more restrained, and makes it clear that we cannot always control everything in our lives; there is something outside of us, above us, in spite of us. The virus, as it were, disciplines humanity a little.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 1/5/22

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