America Will Fall Apart

448.8In the News (Newsweek): Two-thirds of Southern Republicans say they support breaking away from the U.S. and forming their own country with nearby states, while nearly half of Democrats on the West Coast would do the same.

“A 66 percent majority of Republicans in 13 Southern states including Texas and Florida are in favor of seceding from the union, according to a poll released Wednesday by Bright Line Watch. Half of all independents in the South agreed, while only 20 percent of Southern Democrats were on board.”

Comment: Politicians, philosophers, and writers argue that the United States is already ripe for collapse.

My Response: I think this will eventually happen because the way they are going will definitely divide America into two parts. Everything is coming to this.

Republicans wouldn’t have done that. But the Democrats, who are now in power, will do everything to aggravate mutually antagonistic relations with the Republicans. I think that if this continues, these trends will intensify to the point that some people will start moving to Republican states, others to Democratic ones. That is how it will manifest itself.

Question: Isn’t this a return to the Middle Ages, when states were breaking up into small principalities and so on?

Answer: No, it means that this is mine and this is yours, but there can be good mutual neighborly relations between us.

Question: So one way or another, further connection is waiting for them in the future, but for now separation?

Answer: No, not that there will be connection in the near future. Only separation and such mutual, good development. That’s at best, of course. Republicans are more ready for independent development. These are strong, enterprising people. And the Democrats are more drawn to begging.

Question: What about your call for unity?

Answer: Unity can only be above when everyone is confident that they can add something to the other and can get something beneficial from the other. And there is no such progress here yet.

They will separate, and let them separate and live separately. Of course, they will have some kind of cooperation. They are still called the United States of America. And each state has its own set of laws, police, courts, and so on.

Question: So have they quietly prepared themselves for such a step?

Answer: They had it originally. I think that all this will pass.

But they will have to respond to this challenge because it comes from society. They will have to divide this society anyway, and then the understanding will come that education in the spirit of mutual addition, connection, and so on is necessary. But this is the next stage.

Question: But these two sides who hate each other today, Democrats and Republicans, will they eventually have this understanding that it is simply necessary to rise above hatred?

Answer: They must first realize the huge gap that exists between them in their psychology, in their approach to life and to the world, in their mutual hatred, where it comes from, and so on. All this is impossible without the recognition of evil. And for this it is necessary to reach some critical point.

Question: So do you consider this process to be correct?

Answer: It is the same in nature. A person cannot begin to change unless he recognizes the evil in his state. Neither one side nor the other is willing to recognize the evil in themselves.

Question: And how do you see this from the position of a Kabbalist?

Answer: Very true, this is dialectic.

It is necessary to determine the present state: who is right, what is to blame, to give everyone the opportunity to determine this for themselves, to realize the need for unification, and if it will manifest quickly. And if not, then exist like this until there is some kind of universal consensus in a natural way.

Question: Should some kind of unified leader appear for this later? What do you think?

Answer: He may appear. But he will not appear exactly as black or white, as a Republican or a Democrat. He will appear as someone who can unite everyone. So far this is not visible.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/20/21

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