620 Times More

942Rapprochement of friends in the group means getting closer to the CreatorOnly in this way can we realize our connection with Him.

And the Creator reveals the quality of our aspirations to the extent that we correctly aspire to each other and we reach the state where He begins to reveal Himself as the quality of our connection, as light, as the power of unification. This quality of connection that we acquire is called the upper light. This is the Creator.

We always feel only the connection between us, we originated from it, and everything except for the point of connection between us was shattered. And from this shattering we must again restore our connection.

When this happens, we attain the initial state called Adam HaRishon (the first man) who was created by the Creator as 620 times stronger than it was initially created.

This is the difference between our work and the work of the Creator. That is why it is written: “My sons defeated Me.” The Creator seems to be saying: “I created a relatively small initial state that existed only in the light of Hassadim, and they took all the egoism from the desire I created, turned it into the property of bestowal, and thus revealed Me 620 times more.”
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/6/22, “Approaching the Creator Through the Network of Connections Between Us” Lesson 1

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