The Group Is Between A Person And The Creator

945Question: What makes this lesson part of the convention? How is it different from any other morning lesson?

Answer: The lessons at the convention are one single connected chain that is aimed at a specific intention and at a specific purpose. In this respect, the convention is a serious moving organism.

Yesterday we were studying how to annul ourselves. We are studying it today as well, but according to a completely different principle. How I connect with the group in order to change myself? Meaning, I begin to relate to the group as a means through which I can change myself.

You can say, “But this is an egoistic use of the group.” Of course I am using the group. But I would not call it egoistic, because with the help of the group I want to get rid of my egoism, to suppress it. This is a completely different condition.

I have no other option if I want to change myself. I just cannot do anything else. What should I do if I want to come closer to the Creator, to become like Him, to reveal the Creator, to feel Him, and to enter the quality of eternity, infinity, and perfection? I want to know all this. It sits within me. This desire is given from above to each of us.

In order to actualize it, I have to do an action that is opposite to my nature, and only the group can do that. If I try to become gradually incorporated in it, even though I cannot and do not want to, then some kind of illumination descends upon me, this is what Kabbalists say. I begin to receive the upper force and it changes me. This is how I come closer to the Creator.

Therefore, the group stands between me and the Creator. It is necessary in order to rise to Him, to become more similar to Him. How do I become like Him? Through the fact that I form myself within the group by annulling myself before it.

Then I begin to see that the Creator is within the group. This is called “I dwell within My people.”

The people are the group that aims to become closer to the Creator. That is how we advance.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/7/22, “Annulling before the Friends” Lesson 2

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