Love Is A Means For Revealing The Creator

597.01Question: You have been studying Kabbalah for more than forty years. Is there really no other way to reveal the Creator besides love?

Answer: If love for His creatures is His only quality and there is nothing else, then how can we explore Him if we do not possess this instrument—love? Only then we will be able to reveal Him, feel, and know how to get closer to Him.

Question: But in the Middle Ages there were hermits, even among Kabbalists, who withdrew from the world for a few months and attained the Creator. This means that it was still possible to get closer to the Creator in some way. Is it only through the love of creation? There are so many spiritual methods.

Answer: They all talk about it too. If these methods are at least somewhat close to the truth, then they speak about love.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/14/21

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