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528.04And this is why we gather here—to establish a society where each of us follows the spirit of bestowing upon the Creator (Rabash, “Purpose of Society—1”).

Our most important task and goal is bestowing to the Creator. And the Creator is perceived by us only as a common force, a property, a spirit that will fill the entire space between us. The Creator is called a place. This is the place between us.

The relation of a person to the Creator is the relation of a person to a place. Therefore the most important thing for us is to take care of the place between us, that is, about our relationships, about what can manifest between us.

And to achieve bestowal upon the Creator, we must begin with bestowal upon man, which is called “love of others. Why? Because there is no Creator as such. We create this quality from the relationships between us, and the quality of these relationships determines the Creator we create.

Just as it is said “You created Me” and “You create Me,” it is not the Creator who creates a person, but it is the person who, through his own efforts, having received the instruction, creates the Creator.

Just as in our world we build everything around us and equip ourselves, similarly we must adjust ourselves, connect with each other, and arrange connections between us so that the Creator is revealed in them.

Here we are already beginning to work together with the upper force, which is absolutely hidden and cannot manifest itself in any way but only to the extent of the similarity of qualities. Depending on the way we relate to Him, we can reveal Him. Therefore, our principal relationship to the Creator is called the quality of bestowal.

But since the Creator is hidden and is impossible for us to feel by touch how we can reveal Him, get closer to Him, and do all that gradually, step-by-step, we need to have something in our hands. For this, the Creator created a connection between us egoists, and from it we must understand our states, where we are, that is, to start treating the connection between each other as something fundamental, the basis from which we draw understanding about ourselves and about our world.

If we change our relationships, we will begin to feel how we are opening up this space more and more. And so we will build not some material, imaginary world, but a world that is a result of the connection between us. In these gradual, step-by-step approaches to each other, we will reveal the power of connection, the quality of connection, and its special manifestations, which are called the Creator.

Initially this force, these qualities, created us to be the opposite of ourselves at the most minimal level. And if we move further toward revealing this quality, we will feel ourselves to be in two opposite states: that we know nothing, understand nothing, don’t want to be in connection with one another, and are opposed to the connections between us; that is, we are opposite to the Creator; and at the same time, that we can get closer and connect together.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/6/22, “Approaching the Creator Through the Network of Connections Between Us” Lesson 1

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