What Is The Program Of Life

962.4Question: What is the real program of life?

Answer: The program of life is to enable every level to develop and reach a higher level. This is what happens from one state to another on the spiritual ladder until we reach the level of Adam (the human level) that resembles the upper force. The animate level doesn’t change in its essence, it remains the animate level, but it develops a form that is similar to the upper force, which is called Adam.

This means that a person doesn’t become like the upper force, like the Creator, but with regard to the levels of still, vegetative, and animate nature he becomes a partner of the upper force. We cannot reach a level above the level of Adam. What happens with us happens above the still, vegetative, and animate levels, which means a change of intention but not of our actual nature.

Question: Can we say that in our current state we humans are but biological robots?

Answer: We are biological robots. We are not different from other animals at all. We live by our instincts, desires, and thoughts, just like them. Only if we receive the power of bestowal from above and use it, will we become similar to the force of bestowal that is totally external to us and detached from us.

It is like looking at a mirror and seeing something similar to you, which is why we are called Adam, from the Hebrew word “Edomeh” – “to resemble” the upper force. But it is already a totally different nature. This nature can be clothed in us to some degree and can enable us to function like the upper force, above our egoistic desires.

It is only a replica, like a reflection in a mirror, which is why we are called Adam, yet we remain like the animate level in this world with the ability to acquire additional upper force, to bestow, to connect, to be above our nature, above our ego.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 12/2/21

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