What Does The Book Of Zohar Allow Us To See

65Question: Why does the special force contained in The Book of Zohar allow a person to reveal his true state and wake up faster?

Answer: Because The Book of Zohar causes us to look at the upper world through our world, see it in us, lay upon ourselves all the objects of the upper world, and be able to perceive everything that really exists. Now we perceive only a small part of the creation that is revealed to us. But how can we attain the hidden part?

Through this world, The Book of Zohar reveals the external world to me, and then I feel that what I perceived before was really just a dream.

Question: Our distorted perception of the world gives us the feeling that the world is outside of us. Does a person actually reveal all these levels inside?

Answer: In myself and only in myself. Today we feel the world inside of us.

Do you exist? I feel that you exist. Whether you really exist outside of me, I do not know. This is a question that science, psychology, and philosophy engage in.

Kabbalah answers it very simply and The Book of Zohar allows you to see it and feel it with your own eyes.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Individualist” 1/15/10

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