We Are All Different, And That Is Good

219.03Truth is always in demand, but in practice it is completely not accepted by society. Truth is too complicated for practical application because it obliges everyone in society to be equal so that everyone gets their share according to their efforts.

Here we are facing the egoism of each and every individual and his inability to do anything for the benefit of others. He is ready for this only out of desperation—when he expects to get even more for his own benefit in return.

Therefore, it is impossible to establish human relationships on the basis of truth.

People are all different. Some have strong qualities and others are strong in quantity. And there is always tension and misunderstanding between them caused by differences in human nature. There are people who are smart and energetic and some are lazy and mediocre. And of course, the energetic and persistent will eventually become managers, and the masses are ready to remain passive and follow the leaders.

However, we do not need to “correct” nature. We will not be able to be equal because this condition was given to us initially. As a result, we must come to the point when differences between us would work for our benefit, meaning, they would help us attain the Creator and become like Him.

In what form can we connect with each other to benefit from this connection and not increase tensions that lead to wars, revolutions, and conflicts that we witness again and again?

We need to organize such relationships so that we derive pleasure from our differences: from the fact that one is smart and the other is stupid, one is weak and the other is strong, one is lucky and the other is unlucky, someone was born in a special family or in a special country. It is not necessary to fight against these differences revealed by nature, which means they are given by the Creator, but it is necessary to understand that by using them correctly, we can achieve the biggest correction.

From each person: both strong and weak, stupid and smart, lucky and unlucky, you can draw common benefit so that everyone will be happy.

Instead of breaking the nature given to us from birth, we need, on the contrary, to look for how to connect with each other so that everyone feels good, not one at the expense of the other, but precisely by using the differences created by the Creator. If we know how to use this creation with all the differences inherent in it, we will reach an absolutely good state.

But how can a person be demanded to rise above his nature? There have already been attempts to force a person to give up his egoism, like in Russia, and collectivize everything. But nothing happened, and after a few decades, there was no trace of these experiments left.

And yet, on the part of nature itself, there is such a law that obliges us to rise above our egoism, unite, and completely fulfill each other. The question is how to connect two opposites: to bring our nature, which is against connection, to feel our neighbor as ourselves?

What means are there for this? History has proven that neither hunger nor suffering could make people connect. No Marxism-Leninism could bring people closer to each other. Our egoism continued to rule anyway.

Where can we get the strength to properly unite people in practice and not in fantasies so that everyone can keep this connection and enjoy it? The bitter experience of history shows that we must receive this power from above, and for that we need the science of Kabbalah.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/8/21, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”

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