Returning To Harmony With Nature

559Question: In one of the lessons about The Book of Zohar you discussed the fact that prototypes of two forces— male and female, bestowal and reception—are the two luminaries, the moon and the sun. Why is a woman more affected by the moon? Even her pregnancy is set according to the lunar calendar.

Answer: A lot is said about this not only in The Book of Zohar but also in other Kabbalistic sources.

Our entire spiritual essence is built on the connection between reception and bestowal, the power of Zeir Anpin and Malchut, which in our world are represented by the sun and the moon. Therefore, we on Earth are under the ruling of these two forces.

All of nature is very sharply divided into male and female parts. The male part is identified with the sun and the female part with the moon. This comes from the opposition of these two forces of nature, and man exists in order to bind them together.

Once upon a time, in the early stages of human development, we were not so egoistic and did not resist nature and its harmony. We were close to it, we were more inside it. Therefore everything that happened in nature happened to us in the same sequence, at the same pace, with the same fluctuations. In particular, the women’s cycle began on the new moon for every woman in the world.

And why wouldn’t it be so if it was clearly built in accordance with lunar cycles? Contrary to lower animals, humans can conceive throughout the year. But we went through such stages in our development when women could conceive only at a certain time, and birth took place exactly after nine months.

There were no premature births in those days. It is a frequent phenomenon today because egoism introduces such distortions in us that alienate us from nature. We know how much our body is now not adapted to nature. We can no longer live without plastic, and we will probably just get poisoned with natural products.

So, we cannot talk today about how to come back to some kind of harmony with nature through ordinary means. Although people try to somehow maintain their connection, this is no longer possible.

And in the past, we really fully felt nature, felt the weather in advance, all kinds of climatic changes, the breath of nature. That is what people who are inside nature and know what will happen to them feel. That is, nature is actually something deeper, more voluminous, and more transparent than what we are used to see when looking at the world around us.

Question: When Kabbalists talk about balance with nature, do they urge us to return to the past state?

Answer: It is not about that but about how we really rise to the correct level of nature.

Our current state is, in principle, correct. It takes us out of the fact that we are inside nature and makes us rise above it, and rise not in an artificial form when we create some kind of artificial habitat, but rise to the level of the force that manages this nature.

It is called the Creator, the power of bestowal, the power of love, the relationship between all parts of nature. We must rise to the level of this force and become adequate to it.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Two-headed eagle” 1/1/10

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