Parallel Birth

562.02Question: What does it mean when not sons, but daughters are born?

Answer: In the Torah, as a rule, there is a parallel birth of both sons and daughters. There cannot be one without the other since intention always comes above desire. The daughter symbolizes desire and the son symbolizes intention.

But in the Prophets, it is said allegorically that one of the tribes had no sons. The daughters came to Joshua and received from him an allotment of land. This means that there is a lack of foundation for righteous deeds. There is a desire to receive, but there is no right intention.

Question: Why is the allotment given only to men?

Answer: The man symbolizes the quality of bestowal. He is given an allotment because he is able to use it correctly. The woman does not even know how to use it. She personifies the desire to receive without any intention to give.

All this happens in one person. The desire to receive is the woman in us and the intention to bestow is the man.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/27/21

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