Luck And A Miracle

545Question: Kabbalah is about attaining the Creator in this world. Is the revelation of the Creator to man a miracle or a law of nature?

Answer: It is a law, but when it is revealed it happens unexpectedly and is perceived as a miracle. It appears in a person as a feeling of new natural inner qualities.

Question: Let’s say a person used to think about himself and he suddenly starts thinking and caring about others. Does he see this as some kind of miracle?

Answer: Yes. Something happens to him that did not happen before. He understands that it comes from a higher level of perceiving the world, and he calls it a miracle.

Question: Is there a connection between luck and a miracle? You often say that in order for a miracle—the revelation of the Creator—to happen, there must be luck.

Answer: Luck is when a person has the correct direction toward his future. And if he consistently follows it, then a miracle happens.

Question: So, should there also be luck?

Answer: Yes. There must be luck. Good luck to you, and a miracle!
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/30/21

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