Life’s Special Moment

025.01Question: You say that there is a moment in every person’s life when he is given the opportunity from above to realize his individuality, his soul, meaning to come to a higher, eternal level of existence. What is this moment?

Answer: There is a moment in every person’s life when he feels that he must find the meaning of existence, find out why he lives. Moreover, not necessarily from a bad state. He just feels that he has to find himself, that this is not real life, there is something besides it. It can’t be that it is like that.

It’s some kind of game, some kind of dream, something that doesn’t really exist. And everyone plays it, everyone seems to pretend: Now I was born, I live, now I have a family, children, now I work, now I’m running after some special purchases. A game. This is the same kind of a game that children play. Only for ourselves we have elevated it to the rank of special seriousness. And what is the seriousness here? There’s nothing here.

And it turns out that when I start to feel it, the question arises: “What to do next?” Where is there something in me that I would not pretend, not play? Something actually so internal, deep, and gentle, that it’s even scary to touch—it will be very painful.

When a person reaches such a state, he gets the opportunity to start exploring the meaning of life.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Individualist” 1/15/10

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