Kabbalistic Vocabulary: Quick Answers

630.2Question: What does “shoes” mean?

Answer: “Shoes” are a screen between a man and the earth (egoistic desire).

“To take off shoes” means that a person no longer needs separation, rejection, and distancing from the earth (from his desires). Either he is already corrected or this is a special land.

Question: What does “to see” and “to hear” mean?

Answer: This is about attaining either the level of Bina (to hear) or the level of Hochma (to see).

Question: What is this law of the Creator “keep from the devoted thing”?

Answer: It means that you should not try to correct what cannot be corrected. You cannot take something that is impossible to correct.

Question: What does it mean that “Joshua was old, advanced in years”?

Answer: It means that he reached the level of Hochma, the light of life. It is because an old man (Zaken) is the one who has mastered the level of Hochma, above the level of Bina.

Question: What is the “city of refuge”?

Answer: The city of refuge is a place where someone who has unintentionally harmed another can hide. This means that the Creator set him up. From a person’s point of view, he can receive punishment, but from the Creator’s point of view, there is no guilt on him.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/27/21

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