The Four Attributes Of Upper Governance, Part 4

220The Path to Correct Connection

Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: Thus, we should scrutinize and examine those four properties in order to thoroughly understand what we have been given thus far, and by them know what aid we should hope to get from them in the future.

Here is where mutual work takes place. On one hand it involves our attempts to identify the properties of mercy, truth, justice, and peace inside us, to develop them, and then start to compare them.

On the other hand, through our work with them, we need to see in what way they are helping us. How can we use mercy, truth, justice, peace, and their opposite counterparts in order to connect?

Today the world is going through a state of complete collapse and everyone is distancing from each other. People understand that they cannot be together in the family. Countries cannot keep their citizens inside the country. Countries themselves are disintegrating, scattering to no one knows where. That is, the entire world is moving away from each other in all possible degrees of freedom.

As a result, we gradually come to realize that what we lack is the correct connection between us, that is, the correct use of the categories of mercy, truth, justice, and peace. After all, only in this case will we reach the absolute perfect state.

Then we will not simply have peace on Earth, good relations in the family, and so on, on the contrary, if we advance correctly, then nature, the Creator, will be pushing us further to negative qualities, showing us even greater deficiencies.

As, for example, an adult compared to a child, it seems to the child that if he is holding a toy in his hands, the world is perfect and he does not need anything else. An adult, however, needs more and more. So do we.

Therefore, we should not assume that negative qualities that life presents to us are something negative. They are forces guiding us to the purpose of creation. If we work with them correctly, we will move very quickly and correctly to the goal.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 7/28/19

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