The Four Attributes Of Upper Governance, Part 3

283.01To Revive the Spiritual Body

Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: Four attributes are provided for that purpose: mercy, truth, justice, and peace. These attributes have been used by all world reformers thus far. It is more correct to say that it is with these four attributes that human development has advanced thus far through the government of heaven, in a gradual path, until it brought humankind to its current state.

The Creator controls us through four forces, four attributes, four qualities—mercy, truth, justice, and peace. He causes them to manifest in us both in a positive and in a negative form. As a result we are adjusted by these four attributes to our perfect state in which we complement each other like cells in the body.

Take, for example, the human body, disassemble it into the smallest cells and try to fit them together. How will you compare them with each other? How can they connect, complement each other, interact, integrate? This is an incredible job!

But this is how it happens. However, if we could see our physical body operating, then we will see that we do not have such a spiritual body, it is broken.

We begin our journey by Adam being shattered, and he must be assembled together piece by piece through mercy, truth, justice, and peace. This is the work of a person in our world.

It has already been written that it would be better for us to take the law of development under our own hands and government, for then we will rid ourselves of any torment that the developmental history has in store for us henceforth.

If we took this law into our own hands, we would understand that each of us has absolutely broken qualities of mercy, truth, justice, and peace. We have nothing in common with them, and therefore, we cannot communicate with each other. After all, we can connect only based on these four categories.

This is our job. Let’s study them and try to put them together. Each of us consists of all parts, but we need to understand how we can connect them.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 7/28/19

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