Invest In The Eternal

934First of all, I live inside the ten, my small group of friends, as if I grow in a capsule. And only when I grow up will I be able to get out of it into the open world and be freely connected with it.

In the meantime, I can only work in the world to provide for corporeal needs and take care of my family, which means, I communicate with it on a physical level. But beside that, I have a part of the upper world, a part of eternity, and this is the group that determines my eternal spiritual state.

I will have to say goodbye to this world anyway because we will all die one day and lose all connection with it. But I will not lose touch with the group because I am building an environment in it with which I will continue on. This is my spirituality.

Therefore, do not confuse one with the other. And let’s decide what is more important to us.

The importance of the goal, the spiritual path, gives us strength. After all, what could be more important in life? Is it worth focusing on material ties that will break sooner or later when I leave this world, or on a career, on money? The world is shifting to such a state that soon we will all be left with nothing. And then, what should we worry about except spirituality?

The Creator gradually brings us closer to understanding that there is nothing to think about except spirituality. Ultimately, we have no freedom of choice and ability to change anything. Even before we die, we already realize that there is nothing significant left in this world except actions of bestowal, connection, and to reveal of the Creator.

Nothing else remains even in our material life, nothing remains for our ego. Under the blows of nature, we will gradually come to this awakening. All egoistic fillings in this world disappear: there is no money, no honor, no power. A person loses everything, and this is a lesson from above. Only emptiness remains.

Therefore, we must correctly prioritize life, find out what is important and what is secondary in it. Being human means weighing what is more important, what is less important, and what is not worth wasting time on at all.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/6/21, Rabash, “Environment” Article No. 919

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