Will There Ever Be Peace in The World?

592.04Question: Currently many people believe that the Third World War is already underway. Everyone from futurologists to the Pope speak about this openly. Many agree that this war is taking place in fragments. It has not yet appeared in the overall picture, but it is already going on in many planes.

There is even a more exotic view that the Third World War is a war against the coronavirus, since the consequences that the virus has brought to humanity are comparable to the consequences of the First and Second World Wars.

Do you think the Third World War really awaits us?

Answer: Unfortunately, I think it could be. Not whether it will happen or not—I do not want to talk about that. But the fact that it can be—yes.

The fact is that humanity is in constant competition, competition with each other is not yet a world war. A world war is when we want to defeat each other by destroying people. At least, we do not see it now.

In addition, it is also impossible to talk about the virus as a weapon. We do not see any direction in it. There is no need to attribute it to the Chinese or anyone else. Naturally, there are all sorts of ideas, plans, but this is not a war.

The Third World War means a nuclear war, when the huge nuclear forces of the superpowers would be brought into action. I do not want to think that this will happen, but it is possible.

Question: Will there ever be peace in the world?

Answer: One day there will be. Someday by making people realize that there is no other way, and by raising everyone above egoism,  or through great suffering, when a small number of people will remain on Earth, and they will realize that they have no other choice but to start their development anew in a completely different plane, in complete mutual assistance, mutual bestowal, and interconnection.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 2/16/21

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