Do Not Pull Out The Weeds

629.4Question: There was a man who took great pride in his beautiful lawn. One day, he saw dandelions growing in the grass. No matter how hard he tried to fight it, to his dismay the dandelions continued their rapid growth. He turned to a sage and asked: “How can you help me clear the field of dandelions?” “You need to start loving them,” said the sage.

We want to see a certain kind of field, a certain kind of life, but life is full of dandelions. We keep fighting them, but the struggle never leads to anything. Do we have to love them in order for them to disappear?

Answer: Of course not.

Question: What will happen?

Answer: There will be not only dandelions, but all sorts of weeds and thorns. And you will realize that this is what should exist in this field. But you will find yourself in the correct interaction with them. You will see a new life, a new world, in their manifestations toward you.

Question: So my task is not to clear the field of weeds?

Answer: Not to do anything. What appears before us should be appearing exactly as it is. We only take out of it what we need for our existence and leave everything else as is. It will change depending on our inner changes.

Question: So I never destroy anything?

Answer: You should never destroy anything!

Question: What if I encounter evil, all sorts of troubles, haters?

Answer: Do nothing! You cannot destroy anything. You cannot do anything about either good or evil. You cannot even understand what is evil and what is good. This is possible only when we behave correctly, and then through our internal balance between all our bad and good qualities, each within himself and between us, we cause changes in the surrounding nature: animate, vegetative, and inanimate, as well as changes in their balance.

Question: How do I act correctly regarding what I see?

Answer: I must work at the level of “love your neighbor as yourself” and perceive everything around me as a manifestation of the Creator. I should excel at loving all of nature without trying to see something good or bad in it, which I see through my egoism when something seems good or bad to me based on some criteria of taste, or smell, or its usefulness, while something else does not.

I must accept everything as the upper force and try to shape myself as the correct component of this force, to be in harmony with it, and then everything will fall in its place. My views will change: whatever has to leave will leave, and what needs to stay will remain. If necessary, dinosaurs will reappear, but they will be friendly.

Question: So, I am always trying to break this connection with nature. Is this my main issue?

Answer: Not break it, I am trying to cripple it.

Question: And it responds with weeds, each time bigger and bigger?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And if I try to find a connection with it, to resonate with it, then I will practically not notice the weeds?

Answer: I will simply not criticize it. If I need something, I will take very carefully from it, but never harm it.

It all depends on the attitude. Attitude is not a physical action. It happens afterward. It is the feeling of love for everything around me because it comes from the Creator.

I look at everything as nasty, dirty, as cruelty among animals and so on, and I see that it is all nature, coming from the Creator.

And the reason for it being this way is also explained to me in the Torah. If man were kind, then all other parts of nature under him would also be kind to each other. And naturally, the lion would lie down with the lamb, and the little child would play with them, and everything would be fine. It depends only on the attitude of people toward nature. I think we will see this. It is pretty close.

Question: By nature you mean virtually the whole universe?

Answer: The entire universe including our world and all interactions in it. Up to the point that we can change our relationship to nature in such a way that with our good attitude, we will never get a negative reaction from it. On the contrary, if you need to take something from nature—like water or bread—you are welcome to. Everything will grow and bloom beautifully and there will be enough for everyone! All we need to do is to correct our relations.

This is not a fairy tale. I think people will start to understand this. And then they will curtail all their grand plans like flying to Mars or others. They will not need any of it.

The most important thing is to make our life on Earth self-sufficient, beautiful, and to engage in inner contemplation. Not through physical external expansion. We will achieve nothing by it. We will only burn ourselves and exhaust all our resources. But on the contrary: by inner deep scrutiny into nature, we will begin to attain its eternity, infinity, and its altogether different structure. This is where everything is.

I think that people will now go through a certain stage of realizing the uselessness of their scientific and technological development and become convinced of its futility.

We see today that all these years of progress have amounted to nothing. It allowed us to grow to eight billion people instead of two billion in the course of 100 years. But what good is it? Who among these people who were born and grew up are happy or satisfied? What good are they doing for themselves or the world? Perhaps it would have been better not to bring them into the world or develop them but let them exist in a different form, not developing, not being born.

Question: Is it possible to exist without being born?

Answer: Of course. What good is there in them coming to this world? It says so in the Torah, the sages sat and discussed: who is happy—one who was born or one who was not born? And they decided, happy, of course, is one who was not born, but if you were born, you must behave correctly.

Question: So you should still choose the goal of life correctly?

Answer: Yes. But the one who was not born is happier. And what does he do then? He has a different life we know nothing of in a non-physical form.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/15/21

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