Dear Scientists, PhDs And Professors!

600.04Comment: Humanity faces many complex challenges: climate change, food shortages, chronic and oncological diseases. And while technology may provide access to high-quality education, food, and healthcare, at the same time hundreds of millions of people are being deprived of the opportunity to work. This could have colossal consequences for us as a species. There are scientists who devote the bulk of their time to studying this so-called “mass extinction of professions.”

My Response: This is nonsense! I totally disagree with them! Man was not born to just work and occupy himself this way. A person must study his destiny in this world and realize this destiny. This is the meaning of his existence in this world.

Everything else should be only as needed, as an auxiliary! But only this way!

Question: Do you think it is wrong that it occupies most of a person’s time?

Answer: Of course! See what they did to people! From morning till night, people run around this earthly ball and are looking for something there, poking around, digging! See what is being done! What an “anthill” we have created in order to occupy ourselves!

If you took the screen, like on a computer, cleaned it, and left just the most necessary things, you would see that a tenth of humanity is more or less engaged in real, necessary productive work. Take the rest away, send them to sleep! And everything will calm down.

Question: Provide only what is necessary?

Answer: Of course! Nature will force us. See how it uses a stick to drive us toward happiness.

Question: How can a person shift? After all, this is his life.

Answer: If he does not hear, then his nature will switch—precisely by blows.

Question: These blows come precisely to switch us?

Answer: Yes. And what, now we are going to do useless things, just to occupy ourselves, not to think about anything?

We need to provide ourselves with what we need, and all the rest should be directed only to correct communication with each other to achieve mutual understanding, mutual help, to process our brains and feelings so that we feel the need for each other, moral support for each other, and so on. It will save us

Question: In this you can find happiness and whatever you want, the way you used to find it in your work?

Answer: Absolutely everything. Complete relaxation! It is only necessary to understand that we have no other way out. And the sooner we start doing this, the easier it will be to move on to this new type of human life.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/12/21

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