Artificial Intelligence And Problem Solving

266Comment: People who are involved in management, but are unable to find a solution, propose to create artificial intelligence and delegate this task to it.

My Response: Artificial intelligence will not solve the problem of management. After all, management is not just the ability to lead and obey. It is an opportunity to coordinate various psychological and mental issues, all the worlds of each person with other people. Management is the highest psychology.

The fact is that, in an egoistic sense, you can create a machine since artificial intelligence is a primitive thing. It only chooses where it can win more and lose less with what degree of reliability, and so on.

These are fairly simple equations, but they do not fit an integral society and stop working, whether we like it or not. Here management should be laid on what is revealed in us by nature.

If humanity is, suppose, in a post-capitalist or some other state, but will act on the basis of medieval concepts, then nothing will come of it.

There should be a mutual understanding among people concerning the system of the new organization of production, management, and society, where they enter. We see that we will have to do this involuntarily, since all the systems are violated.

Therefore, every leader should know what internal laws manifest in society, in collectives, everywhere. Only through them will one be able to act.

Comment: But the goal of an ordinary enterprise or firm is to maximize profits at minimal costs.

My Response: The same is here. We adhere to all laws of nature. Their knowledge will allow us to correctly obtain the maximum profit at the minimum cost, including a minimum of violations in nature and society. This is called optimization of management.
From KabTV’s ” Conversation about Management Science”

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