Women And Unity

962.8Question: We know how the environment impacts a person. We women listen to the daily lesson every day and it is only about the work in the ten: exercises, the daily task, workshops, and gatherings of the tens. We try to implement everything we hear from our teacher.

You recently said that women don’t need to work on the unity between them. If that’s the case, why do we need to listen to the lesson, and especially to the first part that is about internal work and work in the tens? Wouldn’t it be better not to listen to the first part of the lesson in order to avoid confusion?

Answer: Because of their basic nature, women cannot participate in such activities equally as men because each woman is an individualist. The shattering of the vessel of the general soul of all nine Sefirot is the male part.

The shattering of Malchut is the female part. The shattering of Malchut is very hard, and women also understand how hard it is for them to connect. On the other hand, it is very easy for the men to connect compared to women. Men’s egoism is totally different from that of women’s. Men are like kids compared to women. It is very hard for a woman to do that.

This is the reason that women are not required to fulfill the serious demands that are required of men. I emphasize this so that it will not be an obstacle in our spiritual work. Women can do everything that men do, listen to lessons and try to do everything. Yet at the same time they should understand that it will work much more slowly and be more difficult. But getting closer to the Creator will be faster.

It isn’t about the same kind of work. After all, there are differences between men and women in our world. So it is impossible to compare the female perspectives of the world—her attitude, her feeling of the world, her attitude to the family, the kids, to everything that happens—to the male perspective. We cannot dwell inside each other. We are totally different creatures.

So although both men and women need to get closer to the Creator, including the common work between them, we need to pay attention to our gender attributes.

Question: To what extent do men need to listen to the advice and recommendations of women in their work in dissemination?

Answer: I believe that except for the spiritual work, women can do all the other kinds of work better than men. They should be given as many opportunities to participate in dissemination as possible.

It is best to give the part that is related to the spiritual work to the men, like lectures, etc. A and to let the women engage in dissemination.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/12/19

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