Why Are People Not Afraid To Live In Chernobyl?

720Question: When the Chernobyl disaster happened, people were evacuated. People vanished from there, and suddenly, sometime later, nature began to recover.

Animals that had not been there for 100 years returned to this place. And so everything turned out good, beautiful. But there is also a tendency for people to begin to return to the exclusion zone, although this is not allowed.

And around the zone, 20-30 kilometers, houses are starting to fill up. People are leaving their lives in this world and returning to where there is radiation, radioactive water. Mushrooms are picked and pickled, they grow their own cucumbers and have their own gardens. And that’s it!

They are asked: “Why did you come here?” They say: “This life, this silence, this forest is much better than what is out there. I want to be here.” Someone says: “I want to die in the village where I was born.” And recently there was an interview with young girls, they said: “We go to the forest and listen to the silence.”

What is it all of a sudden? Why aren’t they afraid?

Answer: People are tired of being afraid. They want to end it already, and that’s it! A person does not want to be under the yoke of fear, it humiliates him! It overwhelms him. In other words: “Who am I actually, that I have to be a slave all the time to who knows what conditions, to some kind of forces? I would understand if it came from heaven, but when all sorts of ministries and bureaucrats dictate that to me. They themselves steal, they themselves do not know what they are doing!! From day to day, all sorts of intrigues and everything else are revealed. I do not want to obey these people! ”

Comment: That’s interesting! A person leaves to where there are no pharmacies or hospitals.

My Response: You don’t need anything. We will eat what we have and live as we are.

Comment: And they live. The old woman is 84 years old, close to 90. There are such powerful interviews with them!

My Response: And they will still live; that’s what is interesting!

Question: Is it possible to live under conditions where there is radiation?

Answer: I am not an expert and I do not want to be an expert, but it seems to me that a person can do anything! He can go inside and outside of a reactor, and nothing will happen to him. It all depends on his inner preparation, on the strength that is in him.

Question: What strength must be in him in order to live in conditions in which it is impossible to live?

Answer: He must be above his animal nature. And that’s what they decide. These simple grandmothers say: “We will be here. This is dear to us. I want this life.” And that protects them.

Comment: Of course, it sounds like a fantasy that a person can even be in places with high radiation.

My Response: And we will see in a couple of years. And so it will be. A person can do anything. Absolutely everything. He can be in outer space without a spacesuit.

Question: It depends only on his inner intention?

Answer: Yes!

Question: What should the intention be?

Answer: If he does not think about his animal part, he can be everywhere. As they say about Abraham, who entered the “Kivshan Haesh,” into the oven.

There is no limit to our ability if we wish to rise above our animal nature.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/14/21

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