Who Is Like The Creator

585.01At that time, the great priest, Michael, takes the Ruach and offers it as an offering of sweet savor before the Creator, ZA. It sits there in ZA de Atzilut and is refined in that bundle of life, on which it is written, “Neither has the eye seen a God besides You.”

Afterwards, it comes back down from there to the Garden of Eden on the earth and is refined with all kinds of refinements, dresses that clothing of the air of the Garden of Eden once more, and sits there now in a crown that is twice as big as what it was prior to its ascent to ZON de Atzilut. (Zohar for All, Lech Lecha, item 102)

The ascent is performed by a special force that acts in the same way as, for example, a magnet, wind, or the force of gravity act in our world.

Just as there are four degrees in the corporeal world: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human, so in the spiritual worlds of Assiya, Yetzira, Beria, and Atzilut there are four different forces that carry out the ascent.

These forces are called the angels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Rafael, and they lift a person up the degrees of the spiritual worlds. In principle, every world has its own force. Nevertheless, they all work together in each of the worlds, despite the fact that one of them is the leading one there.

The very first force that lifts a person to the upper world is Michael, “Mi-kaEl” – “Who is like the Creator.”
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #18

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