To Be Born For Eternity

744Zohar for All, Lech Lecha, Item 98: And when a person passes away from this world, that Nefesh will never move from the grave, and by that force of the Nefesh that remains in the grave, the dead know and speak to one another.

Living in our world before being born in the world of Assiya, before awakening and enlightenment is called being in a grave. When I leave this place, I leave my grave. Rechem (womb) or Kever (grave) are one and the same.

That is, I bury my current desires and rise to the next level. This is the way out of the grave, the birth of a new person.

In principle, in our world we seem to believe that after a person is buried in the ground, he is reborn. Why do we treat a dead body this way? What is the use of it and our nostalgia for it? Coming to the cemetery to stroke a tombstone? What is in it? Nothing!

But this comes precisely from conformity with the spiritual, because from our spiritually dead egoistic desire, a correct altruistic desire is born. Therefore, we treat our egoism with such respect because all our spiritual growth is based on it.

Question: What are these dead who talk to each other?

Answer: The dead are you and me. We talk about how we can become alive, how we can get out of this state. This is called switching from dead to living.

Question: That is, the world that we see around us is dead? Are people walking the earth dead?

Answer: Of course, because everyone only looks inward. The Book of Zohar says: “Look at these people, how their eye sockets are turned inward.”
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #18

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