The Screen—Personal Interaction Of Man With The Creator

625.05Question: What benefits does a person who has a screen bring to society? Does his ability not to think about himself somehow affect other people? Or are these purely internal calculations and no one knows about it?

Answer: Indeed, people may be completely unaware of the presence of the screen because they do not have such property and do not feel spirituality. This is first.

Second, if a person wants to obtain a screen, he should come to lessons and study the properties of reception and bestowal in the group.

Question: And if he is already in a group of like-minded people and he rises above his egoism there, is this somehow felt by those who study with him?

Answer: No. Why? This can only spoil them. Working with the screen is an individual interaction of a person with the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/20/21

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