How Does Spiritual Ascent Happen?

236.01How does spiritual ascent happen? I am being raised from the degree of Malchut to the degree of Bina, but I am not yet on the degree of Bina, and therefore I feel it as emptiness. And here I have a choice to return back to Malchut, and this will be a real descent because I have neglected the opportunity given to me by the Creator.

The Creator reveals the emptiness to me as a part of the upper level and invites me to ascend there. But I do not want to stay there and climb even higher.

I refuse to advance, I avoid the feeling of emptiness and ask the Creator to lower me back to ordinary life. Or I stay in an empty place and start to settle in. This means that I want to reveal that this place is empty only relative to my egoistic desires and not to the desires of bestowal.

It is as if I close one window on the screen and I want to see myself in a new window, in the light of bestowal. And then, I begin to see the future world. Therefore, all states of emptiness are given in order to use them correctly with faith above reason, by the power of Bina over Malchut, so that I want to stay in this state and exist in it.

This is the entry into the spiritual world. And we receive such invitations from the Creator many times every day, but we do not like them. Before, we had some sense of life, and now there is nothing at all. But we do not understand that through this emptiness the Creator wants to bring us to the spiritual world, to the upper level.

In these states of emptiness, we need to turn to the Creator and ask Him to fill this void with His greatness that will give us the joy of coming closer to Him.

This means to go by faith above reason by feeling the advantage of the properties and actions of bestowal, Bina instead of the properties and actions of Malchut given to us from birth. I want to reveal the qualities of bestowal in me, which means to reveal the Creator in myself.

Therefore, when we feel emptiness, we must ask the Creator to reveal Himself inside this emptiness. And if we ask together, we will certainly succeed. This is the shortest and most direct way to reveal the Creator.

And when I feel the joy of getting closer to the Creator, I must direct the whole fulfillment I have achieved: the feeling of joy, bestowal, and confidence to the Creator. And then I turn my state into a spiritual Kli, turn all the previously received filling into a lack, into a tool (Kli) for bestowing to the Creator.

And always when we climb the steps, the former filling turns into a lack. And it is so upon every ascent.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/8/21

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