Empirical Verification

219.01Question: Why is Kabbalah considered a part of philosophy in our world? It is even studied in universities as part of philosophy.

Answer: In our world, it is believed that all spiritual sciences belong to philosophy.

It must be said that all science in general arose from philosophy. Since I am a PhD, my degree is a PhD [a doctorate in philosophy]. But if I were a doctor of physical sciences, I would still have a PhD written after my name since at one time all sciences belonged to philosophy. Philosophy is translated as “love of knowledge.” But today it is something completely opposite to knowledge.

Question: But why do so many people not consider Kabbalah a science? They say that what Kabbalah asserts cannot be verified empirically.

Answer: And they are right. After all, first you need to develop an additional sense organ in yourself, feel what Kabbalah is talking about, and then make sure that what it says exists in nature and is subject to verification and research. This confirms that Kabbalah is a science.

We explore nature through our five senses. Kabbalah says that there is still an opportunity to explore nature through the sixth sense organ, which works not for receiving, but for bestowing. It explains how to develop it.

There is a rudiment of this sense organ in man called the soul. Kabbalah develops it, and then, when a person begins to feel the upper world, it explains to him what he feels.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Seekers”

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