Prohibited Desires

531.03Prophets, Joshua, 6:18 – 6:19: And only you keep (yourselves) from the devoted thing, lest you make yourselves condemned when you take of the devoted thing, and make the camp of Israel a ruin, and trouble it.

And all the silver and gold, and vessels of copper and iron, are consecrated to the Lord; they shall come into the treasury of the Lord.

Comment: This is where a serious blunder occurred on the part of the people of Israel.

My Response: This is not a blunder, but a deeper scrutiny of the correction.
Prohibited is something that cannot be corrected, something that is in an egoistic state.

Although everything is corrected in the end, at the moment, a person cannot correct such egoistic desires, thoughts, and actions that are called prohibited. The egoistic quality of reception is attached to them so much that a person cannot get rid of them.

Therefore, he just needs to stop using them because it is impossible for now to convert them to something else.

Question: What is considered as prohibited for the last generation?

Answer: Almost everything—from the smallest to the greatest prohibitions. Right now, absolutely all the conditions are revealed and will be collected into a single demand for us to come closer to each other, to love your neighbor, to reject egoism with all its four stages, and so on.

Everything that has happened before and already exists in us as given from above must now manifest in us as received from below.

This is such a serious work and serious actions that some great Kabbalists said: “I would not really like to live in this time.” On the other hand, everyone will still have to do this work. Everyone! No matter when you live.

It will be very difficult to live through all this. Therefore, we need to act decisively, firmly, and understand what is in front of us. Then, this will not be a problem.

Everything depends only on understanding what a prohibition is and how we should work with it.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/12/21

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