How To Feel The Creator, Part 8

933How Can I Liken Myself to Something that I Have Not Attained?

Question: If I am opposite to the Creator, will I by revealing the Creator, feel Him as a positive force?

Answer: You will feel Him not in your negative, egoistic properties, but only in positive, altruistic ones, which you must acquire in order to reveal the Creator.

Question: So my vessels (Kelim) will change?

Answer: Definitely. According to the law of similarity of properties, to the extent that you can change yourself for bestowal, you will feel the Creator.

Question: How can I liken myself to something that I have not comprehended? And in order to comprehend, must one become like Him?

Answer: There is a group for this. If you practice according to our method, together with the rest of the friends in the group, you will reach a state where the property of bestowal will develop in you.

You will begin to feel the Creator within it. Not alone, but within the group. Because the quality of bestowal cannot be in you alone, it must be directed from you to others. This direction, which you will create in the group, will serve as the basis for the Creator to be revealed in this intention.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 6/23/19

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