The Task Of The Group

544Question: What instruction can we give to the group in order to cultivate a sense of internal connection, understanding of each other, and contact between them? What might a group task sound like?

Answer: The members of the group should reveal:
What is pushing us forward?
The meaning of our life and the meaning of development.
What is the difference between individual and group development?
Why does our egoism not allow us to develop but bring suffering?
What can I gain by being connected?
What is the interrelation between each person being above others, below others, equal to others?
How can we check whether we can achieve such a homogeneous state where we will all be equally aimed toward each other in a circle and determine the center of the group?
What does the center mean? Where my “I” will be no more, but only “we” as one common “I.”
What would we feel in our new identity? Not each feeling himself or others but feeling “us.” How can we yearn for this?

Such gradual training introduces people to a new state.

At the same time, they begin to feel that there is a completely different level of perception here. A sixth sense appears: the feeling from within “us.” But this “us” is absolutely common, collective, and today we cannot even imagine it. This is not just a detachment from oneself, but inclusion of everyone into each other.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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