The Benefits Of Silence

79.01Question: There are many quotations about the benefits of silence, in particular from Kabbalists. For example, “A hedge for wisdom—silence.” What is silence?

Answer: Silence is a deepening into inner contemplation, when a person analyzes himself, talks to himself. From being in silence, wisdom is gradually created.

Question: When is a person obliged to speak?

Answer: Only to prevent any evil in the world, meaning to counteract the egoistic manifestations of anyone, and, first of all, their own, as much as possible. This is the prevention of evil.

Question: Is it possible to do this with a word?

Answer: Sure. The word is power.

Question: When people, as it seems to them, see evil, they come out with protests, express their opinions, and organize demonstrations. Do such mass actions work?

Answer: These mass actions have become widespread in the last 150 to 200 years, and especially in the last 10 to 20 years. I do not know how effective this is. After all, they are led by egoists. Therefore, I don’t even want to understand these phenomena. Here everything is as usual: someone does, someone plays, someone arranges, someone pays.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 6/13/21

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