Should One Be Afraid Of A Curse?

629.3Question: A lot of people believe in the power of a curse and are afraid of it. I had a friend Vitalik who told me that curses exist and one has been acting in his family on the male line for decades, almost a century. Precisely on the male line. And he even felt that he was next in line. He died just a week after our conversation.

What is this, a curse? Does it exist or not?

Answer: There is an evil eye, there are curses, all sorts of spells and so on and so forth. All this exists, and we must take it into account.

Question: But is there a difference between an evil eye and a curse? The evil eye can be accidental somehow, and a curse is a targeted murder.

Answer: There are people who have a bad look, as they say. There are people who have negative energy. When they communicate with others in some way, no matter how, not even tactilely, not close, they can mentally destroy a person and lead him to a painful state.

Question: And if this is done intentionally?

Answer: Intentionally, in our time there are no such specialists, except in the “special bodies,” as they say. Yes, yes, I’m not joking. But such people are rarely found today.

Question: And how can you protect yourself from a curse or the evil eye? Is it possible to protect yourself?

Answer: Only by connection with the quality of bestowal and love, what Kabbalah teaches. To become like this. There is no other way.

A curse does not affect the one who moves to the light, to love. Although I have known Kabbalists who, in general, took into account such actions too. People who were in the sense of spiritual forces, still took into account that there is an evil eye, that even ordinary people, not Kabbalists, who do not work on their egoism, but on the contrary, working on the use of egoism, they have strength.

Question: Does it come back to the person who, for example, curses another?

Answer: This is already a complex system. I would prefer not to talk about it, I will only tell you why. Because a person who uses dark forces of nature has a whole system by which he works, why he does it, and so on, he cannot work against the Creator, as they say. He cannot work against the good, against love, because this system is higher, stronger.

But if there are any malfunctions, imperfections in this good system, then the evil system can immediately cut in and do its harmful work.

Question: Is it necessary to be afraid of this?

Answer: No, we need to think about the good—only! In no case should we be afraid and do nothing against this alleged evil, but understand that this evil is also in the hands of the Creator, and if it is really necessary, then it will exist, and we must somehow put up with it.

Question: Your main advice is?

Answer: Love. It corrects everything.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/10/21

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