Everyone Is Obliged To Correct Themselves

962.2Question: If a person does not correct something himself and we do it for him, we rob him in a way. Why is that?

Answer: Because we are going against the general law of the universe.

Everyone is obliged to correct themselves. Everyone must go out into the infinite higher universe, achieve the quality of eternity and perfection. Absolutely everyone!

And therefore, if a person suffers, we must help him, and not quit, so that it would not be like in Sodom and Gomorrah. They had another philosophy: “Do not help. Since this descends on a person, then this is what God sent.” And that’s all.

We must help people, but help them in what they need. At the same time, we must help them begin to recover on their own so they do not sit without working just waiting until they receive something. Train them, give them a job.

The wisdom of Kabbalah says: make them sit and study. We don’t have a job for everyone. Today our world is slipping toward a state where everything superfluous will gradually leave. The person will lose.

We already see that young people somehow do not strive for luxury, for fashionable clothes. On the contrary, there is some kind of rag and that’s it, nothing else is needed. All these conventions, all excesses, except for what is necessary for normal human existence, will leave our lives.

When humanity gradually comes to this, then many people will be left without work. After all, ninety percent of the population today lives from creating and advertising unnecessary things, and reselling them. Humanity is busy with all the time consuming unnecessary things and throwing them away, consuming again and throwing them away again.

This vicious cycle is already coming to an end. A huge number of unemployed will remain. What to do with them? The wisdom of Kabbalah says: “Do nothing. It is very good. Let them sit and study.” The state will pay them. And ten percent of humanity that wants to work will work.

Or perhaps ten percent of our time will be spent on work and the rest of the time a person will be directed to develop internally and gradually enter the upper world, into the upper universe. The law of nature pushes us to this. Then everyone will be provided with an eternal sense of their life, and a material one.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Universal Law” 9/30/09

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