You Will Still Have To Learn

251The Book of Zohar: However, although these seven holy Havalim are the sustenance of the world, opposite them are seven Havalim from which all the Dinim [judgments] in the world come out and spread to punish people and to correct them so they will walk on the right path.

To punish people means that a person sees disappointment, failures, illnesses, and everything else, and this corrects him, with a stick to happiness, as they say.

Of course, this is not the best way out of all our foolish states. But if we do not want to learn to be good children, then we are punished so that we still go forward. What can be done? We will still have to learn. We have no other choice.

Comment: The fact is that I really want to learn, but I want to learn correctly.

My Response: That is right. Even in the field of dissemination of the Kabbalah itself, there are a lot of problems, it still needs to be adapted to the world, to people, to be translated into many languages, to bring it closer to women, children, and the elderly, to present it correctly, depending on the mood of the person, on his specialty, on his qualities.

That is, to adapt it as much as possible to everyone so that everyone sees: “Oh! This book talks about me! It talks about how I can change myself a little bit and everything will be fine right away.”
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #13

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