Why Is A Person So Limited?

278.01Question: Can a person instantly change the picture of perception? Suppose I am here now, and a second later I am in another place, in other states, in other radically opposite sensations?

Answer: Of course he can. It is all his inner feelings. He can be in each of them, he can be in all of them at the same time, he can be in several of them, and so on.

Question: Why is a person so limited? Why does he need to achieve everything and why does everything change very slowly?

Answer: In order for us to master the possibilities of transitioning from one state to another and to be able to manage these transitions ourselves.

Question: Why is the development always very slow and step by step?

Answer: Since it is anti-egoistic, in essence, the opposite of us, therefore, it is given to us with such difficulty.

Question: When a person reaches the highest level of reality, he literally becomes a superman. How would you describe the qualities that he acquires?

Answer: The opposite of his egoism. There is a kind of inversion in relation to our world, as it is said: “And I saw the upper, reverse world.”
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 4/12/21

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